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Steeplejack of renovation and field [steeplejack, Tonbi-ko] construction sites. I will do the construction assistant job at a major general contractor work-site of the 23 wards in Tokyo working steel, PC, scaffolding, etc..
※ Please be assured Near the inexperienced as well as you will be remembered while working work.
※ unqualified personnel will be happy to get the qualifications to attend slinging training soon joined. Education unquestioned-free hairstyle


Job category Steeplejack
Salary ¥11,000 - (experience considered)
※ full payment date OK daily wage
Working hours 8:00 to 17:00 (production 8h)
Work location Tokyo suburbs direct-Bounce OK
Holiday Sunday, other Negotiable
Treatment Raise, each allowance helmet tool lending, dormitory
Other Direction and field experience who able to work six days a week preferential!!